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81st China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF 2019 Spring) on 14-17th May, Welcome to visit
Author:Applied Power Date:2020-02-24 14:06:59

The 81st China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF 2019 Spring) and the 28th International Component Manufacturing&Design Show(ICMD 2019 Spring) will be held on 14-17th May, 2019 at National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai).

Applied Power will firstly release our new medical powers for mobile healthcare devices, CPMP,infusion pumps and patient monitors. We use advanced power conversion technology to incearse the power efficency and power density, to develop very compact power supplies. We also take the advantage of powerful supply chain in China to offer our customers the most cost effective solutions.

We welcome you to stop by our booth and have a nice talk with our colleagues there.

Our booth number: 6.1 D10