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Applied Power’s 600W above LED drivers,the most cost effective LED drivers for crop farming
Author:Applied Power Date:2020-02-24 13:42:39

In the last few years, LEDs have made significant breakthroughs and been used in more and more scenarios. LED drivers, as a core component of LED lighting, have been growing rapidly. Along with the fast growing, the prices of the LED drivers are declining rapidly. Hereby, today the biggest challenge for the LED driver makers is to develop the advanced drivers in a cost effective way.

Applied Power’s engineering team is the pioneers in high power LED drivers. We now released a new series of super high power LED driver platform, at which we can quickly meet customers’600W above driving requirements, either by standard configurations or quick modifications. Currently, it includes 600W and 680W output models. The new generation of drivers has much better cost and is smaller, compared with the old 600W and above drivers. These drivers are ideally suitable for crop farming lighting and large outdoor facilities.

The features of the 600W and 680W  LED drivers:


  • Constant current and constant voltage

  • Output up to 600W and 680W respectively

  • Dimming options

  • IP67

  • Up to 96% efficiency

  • Wide range input 120~277Vac,277~480Vac

  • -3590 operation, up to 50 without derating

  • Small size and light weight

  • 5 years life

  • Programmable through NFC

  • Optional Bluetooth or Zigbee communication

APS600 Datasheet A00.pdf

APS600H Datasheet A00.pdf

APS680 Datasheet A00.pdf

APS680H Datasheet A00.pdf