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Applied Power offers 45W medical grade quick charger for medical applications
Author:Applied Power Date:2020-02-24 13:05:31

With the quick charging technology (PD 2.0,QC3.0) widely used at mobile phones, personal consumers benifit from the convenience brought by the technology. Now most high end phones,PAD and computers support quick charging.

As medical devices require higher safeties and need to meet IEC60601-1 requirements, the cost of bringing the quick charging to medical devices is high. However, many medical device manufacturers are looking for a medical charger to make this happen. Now Applied Power offers the first medical quick charger in the market. Due to the demand of the medical application is relatively lower compared to consumer market, and OEM customers will need to sell their products to different countries, the charger was designed in desktop type with C14 inlet, so it can be used for global markets.


Here are the highlights of the charger:

Charger for medical devices

Desktop type-C14 inlet

Output up to 45W,output  5V@3A,9V@3A,12V@3A,15V@3A,20@2.25A

Type C output connector

PD 2.0

DOE Level VI

Universal 90VAC~264VAC input


>200kHour MTBF

IEC60601-1 certification

If you need QC 4.0 quick charger, please contact us: sales@appliedpsu.com