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New 65W open-frame power supplies for industrial and healthcare devices
Author:Applied Power Date:2022-06-14 13:32:38

Applied Power now is releasing a new series of open frame power supplies MIS65 series for industrial applications and medical devices.

The series is certified to IEC/UL/EN60601-1 for medical and compliance to IEC62368-1 for ITE applications. With Class B conducted and radiated emissions in both Class I (with ground connection) and Class II (without ground connection) configurations.

The MIS65 series offers up to 65W output power in 2”x3” footprint(50.8mmx76.2mm), universal input(85-264Vac),  typical efficiency is up to 93%, offers single output(12V,15V,18V,24V,36V,48V) and can be operated at the temperature from -10 to +70ºC, with full power being delivered at ambient temperatures up to +50ºC and derating linearly to 32.5W at +70ºC,  . It can also be operated at 5000 meters altitude.

Applied Power is a leading power supply company, located at Shanghai,China.We provide advanced power supplies to healthcare devices, industrial electronics, semicon equipment and LED lightings.

Highlights & features


For Industrial and Medical Application

High Power Density

65W Convection Cooling

Class I & Class II

Up to 93% Efficiency

-10°C to +70°C Operation, up to +50°C without derating

Low Standby < 0.15W

Light Weight

>1MHour MTBF

2MOPP Isolation

Suitable for BF Type MD

5000 meter operation altitude


Please contact sales for sample availability.