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  • Applied Power LED Driver Solutions

    Advancing the LED lighting with intelligent drivers


Applied Power offers high power LED driving solutions for professional applications. The high efficiency conversion technology allows us to use one driver to replace multiple drives inside the high power LED lightings. We can also custom the features at current driver platform to meet our customers' expectation.


Here are typical application scenarios

LED Drivers

Application scenarios

500-1000W LED drivers

Packing place,high   way, stadium, airport,dock,argriculture,landscape

1000W above drivers



Highlights of LED drivers:

              Safeties: L8750 & EN61347

              Efficiency: up to 97%

              IP67 protection    

              High power density

              Intelligent dimming function

              Bluetooth or Zigbee communication

              Controlling through NFC

              PFC: 0.99 typical

              Wide input range: 90-305VAC or 240-382VAC

              Operating temp: up to 90°C

              Mechanical design: convection cooling

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