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Applied Power offers both external and internal power supplies for industrial applications. We provide 5-300W power adapters and 15-3000W open frame and enclosed power supplies for specific industrial applications.


Here are typical solutions


Power   solutions

Application   examples

Level VI power     adapters

Telecom, data     equipment, battery chargers,portable devices

15-30W compact   open   frame powers

Industrial   meters,   test instruments,communication products

2”x3”   footprint   60W/100W powers

Communication     devices,controlling platform,security system,test instruments

2”x4”   footprint 150-250W   powers

Communication     equipment,test instruments,IOT devices

500-2000W enclosure powers

High power   industrial   applications

Water proof   powers IP67 (30-150W)

Outdoor   applications   and high humidity applications

Configurable   power supplies

Capital   equipment,robots

 Highlights of Industrial solutions:

 Safeties: IEC60950-1 for ITE

               IEC62368-1 (replace IEC60950-1 and IEC60065 from 2019)

               IEC60335-1 (home-used)

               IPX optional

Operating altitude: 5000m (optional)

Cooling: We offer the possibility of convection cooling without FAN build-in for high powers

Efficiency: DOE level VI for external powers and up to 95% for 1000+W high powers