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    Advanced Power Supply Solutions for healthcare, industrial electronics, Semiconductor equipment

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    Advanced medical power supplies and chargers for healthcare devices and diagnostic equipment

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    Advanced power supplies for instruments ,IoT devices, AI applications, display, 3D printers,robots

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    Advanced power solutions for wafer fabrication equipment

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Applied Power offers both external and internal power supplies for healthcare devices. We provide 5-300W power adapters and 15-3000W open frame and enclosed power supplies for specific medical applications.

Here are examples for typical applications:


Power Solutions

Portable healthcare   devices

USB port medical   chargers

Infusion Pump

Very compact 15-30W   open frame power supply

Respirator products

Very high peak   loading capability 60W-90W medical adapters and open frame powers

Patient monitors

High density and low   profile 60-250W open frame power supplies

Anaesthesia machines

150-500W open frame   power supplies without FAN build-in

CT and MRI

Configurable power supplies

Highlights of medical solutions:1582422948151385.jpg

Safeties: latest IEC60601-1 (3.1)    (Please refer to our technical article about this standard)

                         IEC60601-1-11 for home used medical devices

EMC: 4th edition EMC standard     (Please refer to our technical article about this standard)

2xMOPP/Low leakage current/4000VAC isolation

Peak loading: Customize peak loading capability according to peak current and durations.

Operating altitude: 5000m (optional)

Cooling: We offer the possibility of convection cooling without FAN build-in for high powers

Efficiency: DOE level VI for external powers and up to 95% for 1000+W high powers

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